“A detail-oriented lawyer who looks at every single aspect of the situation. he handled a very complicated, unusual aspect of this lawsuit to get fair compensation for future expenses.”

- Lawyers.com client review

I recently moved my practice to the McKay Tower Building in Grand Rapids. Before that, for 42 years I had the privilege of belonging to the law firm of Reamon, Fotieo, House, PC. Our founders were trailblazers in the Workers Compensation arena.

Over the last two decades I have helped lead the charge in defending the Workers Compensation Law to stem the tide of unwarranted and harmful changes. I have consistently been named one of the top workers comp attorneys in the state of Michigan. CALL US AT 616-459-4279.


Helping with SSDI benefits

We have handled thousands of social security disability claims for disabled clients. Don’t give up. Call Themis J. Fotieo.


Fighting for injured workers

Need assistance with a workers compensation claim? Attorney Fotieo is well-versed in Michigan workers comp law and offers the legal support your are looking for.